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Oshawa Ethanol Facility to Create 700 Jobs

Sat Apr 5, 2008

Oshawa – Planning is underway to bring hundreds of jobs to Durham Region, and pump millions of dollars into the local economy by building a state-of-the-art ethanol facility.

“The economic and environmental benefits of this facility would be tremendous for Oshawa and all of Durham Region,” said Dan O’Connor, president of FarmTech Energy Corporation, who lives and raises his family in the area. “This is a leading edge industry that will create 300 construction jobs, 50 direct jobs, and as many as 650 full-time industry related jobs. That’s a real boost for our community.”

The ethanol facility will inject more than $60 million annually into the local economy, including $1 million dollars in tax revenues for the City of Oshawa. “Improving Oshawa’s waterfront takes a great deal of funding, and this would certainly help to make that revitalization a reality,” added O’Connor. Some of the world’s most thriving cities have mixed use working ports, including Sydney, Barcelona and Vancouver.

FarmTech Energy Corporation and FarmTech Growers Co-op are working together to build the high tech facility in Oshawa’s industrial portlands. Community members, including corn growers, who will benefit from a local market for their corn, will become part of the co-op.

Corn based ethanol is a high octane fuel additive produced when corn is broken down and distilled. The Ontario and Federal governments are strong supporters of ethanol. For example, the Ontario government has mandated that all gasoline sold in Ontario contain 5% ethanol, increasing to 10% ethanol by 2010. This increased use of ethanol cuts down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. Today’s modern ethanol plants are as clean and green as the ethanol they produce. Ethanol is a drinkable alcohol, and active ingredient in beer, wine and spirits. It is also biodegradable, and does not harm the environment.

The FarmTech ethanol facility will be located on lands zoned as industrial and shared by other industries.

“This facility will be modern, clean and quiet, creating jobs and helping to improve our air quality,” said O’Connor. “I’m hopeful that the more people learn about our project the more they’ll appreciate what it can do for our city, corn growers, and the region. I’ll continue to work with council and the community.”

Currently ten companies use the Port of Oshawa, which has been designated by the federal government as a working port. The plant will be set back from the port, behind Gifford Hill and adjacent to McAsphalt Industries. The height of the hill, adjacent buildings and landscaping including trees and berms will screen much of the plant from view.

The Oshawa ethanol plant will be the fourth ethanol fuel facility in Ontario, putting the city at the forefront in the evolution of this significant industry. Plans for this facility will be subject to City, Regional and Provincial approvals as well as a federal environmental review. Planning applications have been filed and will be considered by Oshawa City Council.

Dan O’Connor’s family has been farming in the Durham Region for the past five generations. Three of his brothers are Oshawa farmers.

For further information contact: Danna O’Brien @ 416.961.6611 x102 or cell 416.500.0699

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