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Plant Specifics

FarmTech plans on building a state of the art facility on the industrial lands at the Port of Oshawa. Today’s modern ethanol plants differ greatly from the plants built just 5 years ago. The evolution of the industry has resulted in a cleaner, greener plant that is as environmentally friendly as the ethanol fuel it produces. These plants produce zero process water discharge; any water used in the ethanol process is actually recycled through the process and used again. There is no effluent released that would be harmful to the environment or any of the plants neighbours. The CO2 created in the process of ethanol production is captured and sold to the food and beverage industry for use in freezing, pop etc. There are no waste products from the process.

One of the greatest advancements in the evolution of the modern ethanol plant is the Thermal Oxidizer. The thermal oxidizer actually eliminates the odour associated with older ethanol plants. The net result of all these advancements is a quieter, odourless, clean and green production facility.

FarmTech has engaged ICM to be the process technology provider for the ethanol project. ICM is the leading manufacturer of ethanol plants worldwide they command a majority of the ethanol market and continue to be a world leader in the development of safe and efficient ethanol production facilities.

North America Construction (NAC) is the preferred builder of ICM plants in Canada. FarmTech has engaged NAC for the purposes of constructing the 210MMLY ethanol plant in Durham region. The ICM- NAC partnership will ensure a quality built product using local skilled trades’ people.

Some of the specifics of the plant are:

Plant will produce 210,000,000 L of ethanol per year.

Will utilize 500,000 tons of corn per year/ 20 million bushels.

This plant will be amongst the biggest production facilities in Canada.

One of the co-products produced in the ethanol process is 176,000 tonnes / year of Dried distiller grains – a high protein animal feed.

Another co-product of the ethanol process is Carbon Dioxide, we will capture 165,000 tons of CO2 for processing and we will sell it to the food and beverage industry.

The plant will utilize 1,400 tonnes of corn per day.

We will have 2,000,0000 bushels of corn storage on site.

Trucks will be able to unload at 15,000 bushel per hour.

595,000 litres of ethanol produced per day.

FarmTech Ethanol Site Plan

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