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Corporate Profile

FarmTech Energy Corporation and FarmTech Growers Co-Op are farmer lead initiatives created to develop a 210 MMLY dry mill ethanol plant in Durham Region.

The co-op will consist of local area farmers and other members of the community. The purpose of this endeavour is to keep the ethanol process in the hands of the corn producers. There are over 1,700 corn growers in the area from Hwy 400 to Belleville that would be directly affected by a plant in Durham Region. One of the co-products of the ethanol process is dried distiller grains (DDGS) a highly sought after quality feed for the livestock industry. The local farmers would benefit greatly from the access to a local supply of DDGS.

FarmTech will create a local market for our corn growers and at the same time advance the renewable energy initiative put forth by our government to reduce the amount of green house gas emissions in our air. Currently the vast majority of corn produced in the central Ontario region is exported out of the area for processing. This is an enormously inefficient process that results in more trucks on the road, traveling further distances to get the product to market. It also means a lower price for local farmers as it costs those farmers more in fuel and transportation costs to get to the current markets in Eastern Ontario and South Western Ontario.

The economic benefits of a plant built in Durham Region can be felt far and wide. There will be over 300 jobs associated with the 18 month build out of the facility. There are 50 direct high paying jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs associated with an ethanol production plant of this size. There is an injection of more than $80 million annually to the rural community in corn purchasing alone and the ripple affects can be seen across all industry, as is evidenced in the US Midwest, where ethanol’s impact has made it one of the largest contributor’s to the rural economy.

We encourage all members of the local community to be a part of the “green” movement. You have an opportunity to be involved directly and benefit from the developing industry of renewable fuels.

Show your support for this new clean, green industry by letting your Oshawa City Councillor know that Farm Tech Energy Corporation belongs in the Port of Oshawa.